Sunday, June 13, 2010

Death of a Hero(2010)

My dad passed away on the 10th of this month at 1:05am.He died at the age of 86. Its hard without him since he used to live with my wife and I. He is the one person who always encouraged me to draw. first thing he ever taught me to draw was mickey mouse.I drew that picture of him on the 7th of this month..while he was admitted in the hospital.

He has published books on different subjects(history, environment, sea turtles.etc) but he is most known for his art and photography here. His ideal birthday present for any one is some drawing paper and some colors.

Here is one of my favorite piece he painted.

He loves the work of Salvador Dali. so all his work is quite out there like Dalis. Recently the National Art Gallery of Maldives showed off his work under the title of "Painting Dreams" which was something he got really excited about.

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